We are very particular about choosing high quality wool material which is easy on people and the earth. Beautiful wool-rich carpets have natural insulating powers. Wool is one of the most organic and renewable natural materials we have on earth. As sheep are sheared every spring, they grow a new coat for next year while roaming the hills and fields. We strive for high quality carpet relying on wool, which is an earth friendly material, maintaining a perfect balance of value, safety, and environmental friendliness.

We are very particular about the procedure of manufacturing carpets. High quality woven carpets with a solid tight weave pattern. By insisting on diligently crafted carpets using the Wilton process of weaving colors and patterns, our carpets, manufactured through a process of skilled craftsmanship, are not only spoken of by specifications, but also by their distinctive texture.


1. Based on our made-to-order system, “Order-made AXTILE” will be manufactured according to your specific design, pattern and inspirations.

2. AXTILE-S in semi-custom-made AXTILE. there are 100 standard design patterns to choose from which we can produce and deliver quickly. Besides the quality, AXTILE tile carpet is cost effective and eco-friendly.

As pre-dyed yarns are bonded to 50 square cm backing material, it is easy to create the vivid colors and thin lines and to coordinate colors, and patterns without misalignment.

Axtile is a designed carpet tile with the high quality of woven carpet. 

Because of our unique and highly technical production system, we can accept orders from 50 .

As it is easy to install and utilize in small space, it is very suitable for places such as boardrooms, lobbies, restaurants, boutiques, or even smaller areas. 

Axtile is supplied based on a made-to-order basis.

Koshi (Gara-1)
Koshi (Gara-2)
Koshi Muji